General English(GE) Elementary to Upper intermediate

Levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate

Duration: 11 weeks per level

Starting Dates: You can start any week (except holidays – contact us)

Hours per week: 20

Visas: Any visa which allows you to study in Australia, including student visa, working holiday visa and tourist visa (some visas may limit the total number of study weeks)

Entry Requirements: You must be over 18 and must be able to speak and write a few basic words in English.

Who is this course for?

It’s for anyone who would like to improve their English in a general way! It covers English that is useful in everyday life. If you want to improve your English for university, higher education, TAFE or VET study and your English level is Intermediate and higher, then please see our EAP course.

What will I learn on the course?

The course covers all areas of English: speaking, listening, writing and reading. To help you with these skills, there will also be plenty of vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. We focus on the English that is most important to most people – that is, real life English.

What are the teaching methods?

At Newton, we believe that people learn best when they are enjoying themselves, are interested in what they are learning and when the study is similar to real life. We also believe that people learn by doing – that is, to learn to speak English, people have to do a lot of speaking practice, and to listen more easily, people have to do lots of listening practice.

Therefore, in your lessons you will do a lot of practice in real-life situations. There will be a lot of discussions, role-plays, reading of interesting magazine articles and websites, writing to communicate with people around the world, and listening to people with a range of accents.

Each week has a different topic. Topics are chosen to be useful to you in real life and to be interesting. From time to time you will also go outside class to practise English in the real world.

Will there be any assessment?

There will be formative tests, and teachers will also give you marks for homework and class activities such as speaking. Assessment will help you to see your progress, so that teachers can find which areas to give extra attention to. All assessment is very supportive – completely different from exams at school!

What do I get when I finish?

When you finish your course, we will give you a certificate and a report. This shows your grades and the levels you studied at.


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